Baltimore Residents Declare a 72-hour Ceasefire

Baltimore residents have called for a 72-hour ceasefire. This is a city-wide call asking all Baltimore residents to commit to having a non-violent & murder-free weekend from midnight Friday, August 4th through Sunday, August 6th, 2017.

Baltimore Residents Declare a 72-hour Ceasefire

During the first weekend in August, Baltimoreans are encouraged to show their commitment to this challenge by also having cookouts, block parties, neighborhood clean-ups, or any other positive community-based activities of their choosing.

In the first week of organizing, over 600 Baltimore residents joined in spreading the word and making a commitment to this peace challenge. By August 4th, Baltimore will be covered with flyers and posters that remind residents to maintain the 72-hour ceasefire. The slogans that will be trending are “#BaltimoreCeasefire” and #BaltimorePeaceChallenge”.

When asked why wait until August for such a needed initiative, one organizer stated, “We needed time for this message to spread to every neighborhood in our city! This needs to be the talk of the town! August gives us enough time to get the entire city involved.”

The goal on everyone’s minds will be “Nobody Kill Anybody”. Businesses, grassroots organizations, city agencies, neighborhood associations, religious institutions, and individual citizens are being asked to take the #BaltimorePeaceChallenge by committing to doing everything they can to spread the word & make the ceasefire a success.

The Baltimore Ceasefire was not declared by any one organization. This ceasefire is the product of Baltimore residents not only being exhausted by homicides, but believing that Baltimore can have a murder-free weekend if everyone takes personal responsibility. Group decisions are made at open public meetings to create and facilitate ideas and strategies that residents can commit to in order for the ceasefire to be a success.

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