OWINGS MILLS, MARYLAND, — Award winning retired Baltimore City Special Investigation’s Detective skyrocketed to success.

Caprice Smith has apprehended the entrepreneurial world and threw away the keys. She has spearheaded many collaborations, keynoted at major conferences throughout the country and has tapped into yet another vehicle to encourage and motivate women in business. This is the drive for the Uncuffed Women’s Colloquium, set for October 14th at the beautiful Turf Valley Resort.

Smith is aiming to educate women to build “socially conscious businesses, multiple streams of income and strong legacies.” Her living legacy is one of successful entrepreneurship, community give back and authentic living.

Caprice has become known as the Uncuffed Living Expert. She has made many television appearances on networks like ABC and Fox. She also has her own popular digital television show called Women Uncuffed TV on Women’s Broadcast Television Network. Caprice has a reputation of winning and even brought home a huge reward as a contestant on the Match Game. In addition, Caprice was recently featured as Bmore Lifestyle’s “Go girl,” on My TV Baltimore for her uncuffed living.

The Uncuffed Women’s Colloquium will unfold at the scenic Turf Valley Spa & Resort, with guests enjoying gifts, honoree awards and motivational messages. They will also receive live coaching from proven experts in the fields of media, professional speaking and entrepreneurship. Attendees will have chances to win massage certificates and other awesome gifts. Smith has hired a team of professional speakers to bring in varying perspectives and to touch “every type of woman.” She believes, “women are no longer buying the lie that success is reserved for big celebrities and a small population of people.” To further the messages, Smith will equip every guest with an Uncuffing kit. This kit will take them step-by-step from limited thinking to attainable success. Smith has incorporated many exercises that provides opportunities for self reflection and engagement. Women who attend are guaranteed to leave with an experience of a lifetime.

This charismatic soccer mom trains women across the country to shape their thinking and actions in order to claim an “uncuffed” life. She receives many invitations to speak, educate and motivate women, which prompted the UWC. She wants “everyone in the same room.” The students and teachers, business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs, winners and competitors, all for the purposes of uncuffing the mess and distractions. Smith curates monthly uncuffing events to jilt women into action and will host the UWC, because this “third wave of feminism is ready for it.”

Smith openly shares her personal story, a humbling and harsh childhood that sparked her undying drive to “win and leave an open path for others.” She says,“Our stories are written way before our birth, but it’s up to us to rewrite the pages and mark up the margins. ” With a smile as big as her hair, it was hard to imagine she spent years in the interrogation room, handling serious cases; she seemed too positive. In fact, her great attitude and boldness won her over thirty awards, including Millennial Business Woman of the Year and Top Minority Business Owner in the Mid-Atlantic Region.

Her journey has been very public and “ very rewarding.” By mirroring her strategies, others are now claiming to be “uncuffed.” It is a trending and catchy way of saying, they have released any limiting thing that attempts to hold them back. Outside of speaking and uncuffing women, Caprice stay busy with her equally driven and charismatic husband. A police sergeant who has also been highlighted on television and in newspapers for solving high profile cases. They both unwind and engage while working at their family business, Puff & Quill, an upscale cigar lounge in the hub of Randallstown.

Who should attend The UWC?: ​The Uncuffed Women’s Colloquium caters to mothers, wives, multi-taskers and a large variety of women in business. It provides keys for novice entrepreneurs; as well as tenured CEOs. Its has gained media sponsors, like Indie Soul Magazine, The Elevation Show with Cassandra Ferguson on Praise 106.1 and The V Mix. Caprice is available for interviews and appearances. For booking presentations, media appearances, interviews, and/or book-signings contact caprice@capricesmith.com​.