Author T. Downer’s “The Return of the Water Goddess” by Phinesse Demps

Synopsis: Once upon a time nearly 2,000 years ago, there lived a family of fairies. Their duty was to protect the land from harm. All who brought harm upon the land would have a spell cast upon them that would prevent them from getting to their destinies when the time was near. Being a fairy and keeper of the land came with much responsibility and high expectations. To protect the people, the fairies partnered with the gargoyles that were the protectors of water. This water was sacred, as it was used to purify the land and nurture the people’s spirits. At some point in life, the people would need to know the next order of their path to their destinies and to remember the lineage of their ancestors that walked the land long before them. Most importantly, the people needed to know the next steps of fulfilling their purpose and completing history.

Return of the Water Godess by T. Downer

The Author, Tyeisha Downer is one of my favorite young writers simply because of her imagination and creativity. Especially when it comes to writing fantasy! Black writers normally do not get a lot of press when it comes to writing such genres. But Downer has shown she is more than capable of stepping outside of her comfort zone and writing about stories she may feel more comfortable with or know a great deal about. Her other indie classics, “Never Judge A Book By It’s Cover” Diamond in the Rough”, and “Confessions From My Soul” reflects this.

I am hoping that Downer continues with the sci-fi and fantasy writing in particular. For a Black Woman to write in this type of way is DOPE! I expect bigger things from Downer. As she continues to expand her brand, she has already been on the roll with writing, producing and directing her first web series.

Downer is self-published and willing to work with other authors through her publishing company.

Clearly, Tyeisha Downer is not one to be told she cannot do something; thus the birth of “The Return of the Water Goddess”. This book, along with a collection of her others, can be purchased here: http://www.tyeishadowner.com/ .