Cleveland, OH ( — Uptown Joint Venture Media announced the debut of The Anniversary by author JJ Winston, a writer and mental health advocate for over 20 years. Just in time for Mental Health Awareness Month, The Anniversary is a novel which tells the tales of true to life stories of those who are dealing with schizophrenia, bipolar and other mental disorders. The book is available digitally online, Kindle eBook, and print-on-demand at

Book-cover and author, JJ Winston

In The Anniversary, readers will meet Grandville and Juliette Stubbs, an African American couple who reside in Cleveland, Ohio. The couple has a very happy marriage until Grandville learns disturbing news which awakens his underlying mental health disease that culminates into a tragic event.

The Anniversary is one of a few novels which openly brings life to problems in understanding mental health issues. It will assist family and friends of those who they believe need help in managing their life problems and struggles before reaching a tipping point. “Many people do not want anyone to know they are having mental issues, so they try to hide their challenges to deal with it on their own. However, they can’t because the problem can be much bigger than they can handle. It could be a chemical imbalance which cannot be controlled without help,” says JJ.

Approximately twenty-five percent of the general population, or 1 in 4 is suffering with a mental health and/or substance abuse disorder. Due to the stigma associated with these diseases, many individuals and their families are suffering alone for fear of being ostracized by their community.

JJ has worked in the area of Behavioral Health for over 20 years and is now employed as a Family Court Magistrate Judge in Cleveland, Ohio. She is licensed as an Independent Social Worker and Attorney in the State of Ohio.

For more information on JJ Winston, The Anniversary and/or for book signings and speaking engagements, contact: Marianne Eggleston, publicist at mobile: 216-256-8060 or email

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