Amazon Grocery is great for Entrepreneurs & Families by Phinesse Demps

Over the last few months we here at Indie Soul Magazine have been conducting our own research on services that are being offered that are supposed to help benefit entrepreneurs and/or families. How so?

Amazon Groceries has it all!

When we are looking at benefits as far as families; Saving time and money. In a world where we are distracted by so many things, time being spent with your family always seems to take the biggest hit. What if you could save yourself a few hours and take that time to spend with family. For instance, to travel to and from grocery store is anywhere from 45mins-1hr. Thats time where you could spend time with you children or some time with your significant other. You can save money because you will be buying exactly what it is you actually need instead of spending money on items that you had no plans on purchasing. The potential of savings is anywhere from $25-$50 a week. That’s money that could go towards trips, education, or other household expenditures.

Entrepreneurs, we all know our time is short. So by shopping online, you save time not only from travel, but how about waiting in line to pay for your services. In the world of of a entrepreneur, time is money. The time you save could be spent answering and sending emails, answer phone calls, or perhaps scheduling that extra meeting you have been trying to have? Saving yourself that extra $25-$50 a week could go towards buying business cards or other business supplies. That includes advertising and marketing that now you can afford to pay for.

So how does Amazon.com for Groceries work? Visit Amazon,com under FRESH. Shop as you would normally. Every name brand you could think of is there. Try taking a turn looking for the items you normally buy. Compare prices to the stores in your area. Including Seafood and Meats. There are even items for Vegetarians and Vegans. There are sales weekly.

Checkout these fine Amazon Videos Below:

One other thing with the time & money you save, turn around and support your local business in your area.