Nationwide (BlackNews.com) — Wow, how many folks out there watch YouTube videos to learn how to tie a necktie? Remember having an important event or social to attend and couldn’t find anyone help you tie your necktie? Mothers, how many times have you sent your little man over to the next-door neighbor to get his necktie tied?

Al Crawford has developed a patented necktie tying tool that teaches anyone how to tie a necktie

Well guess what, here’s your solution! Learn how to tie a finished necktie knot in seconds with the necktie tying tool developed by Al Crawford, of Raleigh, NC. Crawford has always been motivated to create products that are beneficial to others for their personal growth and development. Hence, he has developed a patented necktie tying tool that teaches anyone how to tie a necktie.

This portable knot forming tool for neckties teaches anyone, but especially young children, teens and young men, how to tie a necktie. Offering simplicity and help, the product helps to teach confidence, self-esteem and independence to those who need or want to wear neckties.

The small plastic tool helps users to tie a necktie easily, assisting them with this often dificult task. Furthermore, it provides the means with which a person may dress more professionally and eliminates the need to purchase or use clip-on ties. It comes in a variety of styles appropriate for both adults and children.

Crawford was inspired to design this because of his own observations as a youth mentor. “Tying a necktie is an essential and practical grown-up life skill that most young men need to learn,” said Crawford. For a variety of reasons, be it age, inexperience, or simply never needing to before, some people never learned to tie a necktie. As a result, they must use clip-on ties or ask a friend or neighbor for help. This can be embarrassing, especially for an adult. A person might instead try to teach themselves how to tie the tie, but they may end up doing a poor job and the result will leave them with a sloppy, unprofessional appearance.

Al Crawford is a serial entrepreneur and product developer. Al has years of product development and marketing experience and has successfully placed products in stores, such as Whole Foods Market and Walmart.com. He holds several patents and is the founder of the Raleigh/Durham Inventors & Teen’Preneur program. Al believes you are never too young to launch your own business or product.

For more information about the necktie tying tool, call 919-210-1220, email necktietyingtool@gmail.com or visit www.necktietyingtool.com /www.eztieknot.com for product video and visit www.alfatircrawford.com for more information about product developer, Al Crawford.