Edited. Love Jones The Musical by Phinesse Demps

This is one of the MOST anticipated shows of the year

This is one of the MOST anticipated shows of the year

This is one of the MOST anticipated shows of the year because..why not? As one of the greatest Black Love stories of our generation, it showed the WORLD what black love can look and feel like. Ladies: Larenz Tate. Fellas: Nia Long. Enough said! As black people I’m sure we can all remember the music, spoken word, and acting that took us to a whole new level. At the time, we were starting to see more middle class and professional blacks portrayed more than just the usual ghetto life stories. The conversations this movie sparked STILL continue to be quoted to this day; being so monumental that many of us wanted another nostalgic glimpse back in the past to that time, EVEN for just one night.

Without giving too much away for those who have not seen it yet, I want to be the one to help get your minds right. In my opinion, it is not my job to dog other people’s works of art on any level. It takes a lot of work, confidence, and faith for people to bring something for the world to view; no matter if it is art, music, films, books, or shows. What some people like, others will hate and vice versa. After the show, I had the chance, along with my sister Avery Dey, of Avery Dey Entertainment (www.http://averydeyentertainment.com) to be asked by the producer about our thoughts about the musical. Keeping it real, I said “The musical was very entertaining, but as most plays go through a process of rewrites on the road, I’m sure you guys will figure out what works, what doesn’t and make changes as needed.” For people who don’t know what goes on behind-the scenes of a musical, there WILL be times when the understudy will have to move into a role because stars may have PRIOR commitments or get sick, so they may not be performing in your city or state on the night of performance that is scheduled.

However, remain calm! It happens. But here is the most important fact: The musical is inspired by Love Jones, the movie. As M.C. Lyte states prior to the show, “If you are waiting for Tate or Long to show up, then you will be sadly mistaken.” So what is Love Jones the Musical about? How about this: the dating life, 20yrs later. Because this musical shows a more modern 2016 perspective of Love Jones, the behaviors of both the men and women in it portrays that evolution. And we can all certainly agree that dating has changed drastically since the 90’s, right? So on that note, I found the show entertaining. Chrisette was amazing and the song choices for her fit her character and what she was feeling. I would loved to hear more musical selections from Musiq Soulchild (“B.U.D.D.Y or “Best Friend”), Dave Hollister (“Shortage” or “One Great Love”) and MC Lyte (“Ruffneck”). To me, those songs fit in with the message that the musical was trying to share. But hey, that is only my opinion, you know?

I encourage you to go see it for yourself! Love Jones the Musical, starring Musiq Soulchild, Chrisette Michele, Marsha Ambrosious, MC Lyte, Raheem Devaughn, Dave Hollister, Tony Grant, Angela Fisher, Jackie Michaels, and Michel’le Chaz Shepard. For more information, visit: https://www. lovejonesthemusical.com. You can also follow them on these social media platforms: Instagram: @lovejonesthemusical, and Facebook: www.facebook.com/ljthemusical You can follow Phinesse Demps on Twitter: @indiesoulmag, on Instagram: @indiesoulmagazine, Tumbler: @indiesoulmagazine, and Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IndieSoulMagazine/